The Things That Men Find Irresistible in Women – Part 1 – How to Attract a Man

By | August 25, 2016

Now if you can not be bothered to put a little effort in, well may be you should just stay sitting at your computer there and wallow about sitting at home alone. While the rest of us will get on with how to be so irresistibly seductive to men, and not only that this will make you all feel so much better about yourself as well because……..

This is part 1 in my how to seduce any man series. It may appear very basic but its best to start here and work your way through the series. You will also feel better for it, and that in itself will make you a more confident woman. When you have completed this series you will be able to seduce any man even from across the room. He will find you absolutely irresistible. Men are very visual humans so to catch their attention we will start right at the bare roots of it all. Now think Cleopatra apparently she used to bath in milk. Well we wont go to that extreme, but you also need to put the effort in OK lets start.

First and foremost on our list is personal hygiene and we will start at the top and work our way down?

Hair: Men love long hair, long silky healthy hair well kept hair, but don’t despair if you wear your hair shorter, just do not go too short keep your hair well kept and use what ever products you need to maintain your crowning glory also keep it feminine. Wear a style that suits your face. Men have great imaginations they will imagine themselves running their fingers through your beautiful hair.

Complexion: A clear and clean complexion is very important. Keeping your skin looking and feeling beautiful is also very good for you. So take the time out give yourself some girly pampering, either go to a beautician for professional advice or help, or do it yourself at home. Always cleanse and use a sun factor moisturiser, you don’t want old dry burnt skin. Diet, watch what you eat, try the healthier options, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables lead to a fresh glowing skin, drink heaps of water it helps you to stay hydrated.

Men love women to look pure so keep your skin looking great. Now if you really want to have a tan I suggest that you go and get a spray tan but don’t go over board you don’t want to look fake. Men love purity in women so look after your skin.

Bodily Hair: wow this can be scary I have seen some women get around with more hair than a gorilla – which looks gross and dirty. So keep body hair under control. Facial hair, under your arms, legs and of course the bikini line. You don’t want to have more body hair than him. Personally I find waxing the best because it leaves the skin feeling smoother and fresher looking and there is no prickles when the hair grows back.

Body odour: Bathe daily this is so very important use a nice smelling fragrant beauty soap, and use deodorants. They also keep sweating at bay so you will look cool and fresh. Perfumes, try to keep them subtle you don’t want to kill your look with a heavy perfume that gives everyone in a 50 foot radius a headache. Find a couple of really nice ones that you like. They are worth the money so splash out here. Cheap perfume is exactly that, it also smells cheap. You need to realize that you are a beautiful woman, so do everything in your power to make your self feel like the beautiful seductive woman that you are. I know that some types of perfumes drive men wild.

Teeth: Your smile is one of the most alluring attributes to seducing any man so keep it looking great, have a dental check and clean your teeth daily as well as floss. Chewing gum in public looks trashy and its a turn off. If you smoke try to stop but in the mean time get your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Remember you are investing in your future here. You want a quality man don’t you? Also keep bad breathe at bay with some type of mouth rinse.

The feet: Keep them clean and free of calluses, soak them and look after them as you need to be able to gracefully glide you into any room with the grace of angel. So keep your feet well moisturised and looking good. If you suffer from smelly feet, soak them in cold tea. It has something in it that will kill the worst type of foot odour. Also file away that dead dry scratchy skin. Keep your toe nails looking good, especially in summer.

Your hands: I almost forgot, your hands are on show for the whole world to see so you need to look after these as well. Get a manicure and a good hand cream to keep them looking subtle.Use sun screen on them a lot, most sun factor creams are also good moisturisers.

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