The Growth Patterns of Land Should Be Your First Priority

By | August 27, 2016

When we start looking for parcels of land, we need to determine the growth patterns in our area. This is very important as you don’t want to become involved with a parcel of land that you can’t resell. You want to be in the areas of high growth trend in order to make a ton of money on your resells, right? Look for the high growth areas so that you can resell the parcel of land quickly. However, you may want to be in the areas of slow growth if you are looking for parcels of land for your personal use and you’re concerned about congestation.

One way or the other, you need to know the growth patterns in your area. If you have lived in a particular area for a number of years, you are probably very much aware of the growth trends for parcels of land in your area.

If you are not familiar with the growth trends, ask experienced real estate agents and appraisers. Plus there are others in your area that are aware of the growth trends such as engineering firms, (survey companies).

Plus you can talk with people who work at title companies or at the county tax assessor’s office. The people who work at these offices are working with new sales constantly, with their closings and recordings, and are aware of the growth patterns. Simply call them or visit their office and ask them. If you happen to get someone on the phone who is not very cooperative, call someone else.

As I have mentioned, I feel that it is important that you know the growth trends in your area and it’s not too hard to determine this.

A couple of years ago, a gent read my materials and decided that he wanted to get involved with parcels of land. Since he lived in a very populated area of California, he decided to go to an area where rural acreage was available. For some reason he decided on Jackson, Miss. and even though he knew nothing about Jackson, he flew to Jackson, rented a motel and a car and started looking for a good deal in land.

He determined the growth patterns and the more desirable areas of Jackson and set out looking for parcels of land. His experiences are quite a story but basically he had a really great land deal, that he made a lot of money on, in only three days in Jackson!

Vacant land can be very intriguing and offers many more opportunities than most people realize.

Source by Huey Walsh

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