Diploma Courses That One Can Pursue After BDS (Dental Degree)

A common question that has grown in students studying dentistry is “What should I pursue after BDS which is merely a dental degree?” This question unites all the students concerned and the final product that comes out of this question is “confusion”. The students face problems because “BDS as a course doesn’t help them get… Read More »

Medical Coding – Introduction and Importance

The medical industry is growing extremely. As it grows, increases the demand of medical services. Medical services are very much required to run the medical practice smoothly. Medical coding is one of highly required services among the other services. Without this, doctors can’t get reimbursement from insurance companies. Medical coding is a process of assigning… Read More »

Elder Care – Planning Meals for the Elderly

Elder care includes the planning of meals for the elderly. This can be challenging as there are several factors that can cause a depression in the appetite of an elderly person. Seniors may also experience drastic changes in their digestive pattern that may make it difficult for them to consume certain things. It is important… Read More »

Power Recliners – What is a Power Recliner Lift Chair?

Power recliners are just another name for lift chair recliners. They are designed for those needing assistance getting in and out of the seated position. Power recliners are made to look like a typical mechanical recliner but use electric motors to recline the chair back and lift a person up to a standing position. All… Read More »

The Power of Vision by George Barna: A Book Review

George Barna is the founder of The Barna Group, a marketing research company. Barna has written other books about leadership and church growth, such as, The Power of Team Leadership and Grow Your Church from the Outside In, however Barna stated in the introduction to The Power of Vision that he had never before, "had… Read More »

The Best Final Expense Sales Presentation Ever

Arriving At The Prospects Home When I arrive at the house, I like to park in the driveway because that is where family parks and they are more likely to greet me. I look for the door that they use the most and I go and knock on their door (usually the back or side… Read More »

Insurance – Natural Peril Exclusions – Flood

Flood is commonly covered by ARPI policies but, on occasions, some policies exclude it or, alternatively, provide the client with the option of extending the policy to cover it as an additional peril. The meaning of flood has been considered infrequently in the English courts and, the courts have first to consider the meaning of… Read More »

Bailment Under CONTRACT Laws

1. INTRODUCTION: Bailment means a legal relation that arises whenever one person delivers possession personal property to another person under an agreement by which the later is under an obligation to return the property to the former. 2. MEANING: The term baillment is derived from a French word ‘baillior’ which means to deliver. 3. DEFINITION… Read More »

Fitness Cross Trainer Review: The Vision Fitness Elite X6100 HR

Introduction: There’s no denying that the fitness cross trainer is the hottest selling piece of exercise equipment on the market today. With their busy, modern lifestyles, most people don’t have the time to travel to a gym to work out. Recognising that staying fit is important, many have elected to work out at home, in… Read More »