Life Insurance Sales Scripts That Get You the Policy Today

By | October 10, 2016

When most people think of “life insurance” they think of only 1 type of insurance. They think of that fateful day, with loved ones crying, and a check being quietly delivered. Most people don’t want to think of their own mortality. They don’t want to be reminded that all of us will end up in the same place at some point in time.

Since they don’t want to envision their own death, is it any surprise that selling life insurance on the phone is one of the more challenging tasks to complete. Opening up with a sales script such as “How would you like to protect your family in case you die unexpectedly?” won’t go over well. Because the scripts are challenging most agents avoid the conversation. They try to get into the world of that prospect by selling another type of insurance first.

Quite often many life insurance agents are thinking about the “death” of their policy sale and that eliminates them from the game entirely. Instead of avoiding the conversation, in lieu of trying to sell prospects another type of insurance, I challenge you to think a bit differently about selling life insurance. No longer do you have to bring up the worst case scenario (at least not at the beginning of the call), you merely have to pique their interest with how easy getting life insurance can be.

I invite you to consider the following life insurance sales script tips:

  • Ask a Question with an Easy “Yes” Response – The beginning time of a phone call isn’t to establish rapport, it’s to get the prospect confident that you aren’t selling them anything. It’s your time to identify yourself as someone who provides value, who is an expert, and who is there if there is a match for what you are offering and their needs. For example, if they are calling from your marketing you could ask “have you just started finding out more about life insurance?” That’s a slam dunk yes (even if they say they have been looking for awhile).
  • Reveal Your Marketing Message – Your marketing message is what separates you from the competition. You could use a message based on statistics, testimonials, or even guarantees. It should communicate to your prospect, in 10 seconds or less, why you are different than everyone else.
  • Make the Next Step Obvious – When you ask interest piquing questions about life insurance you will be leading the prospect closer to the goal of getting a policy. If you have asked the right questions they will want to take the next step. Make it blindingly obvious on what they should do (meeting, fill out an application, etc). Whatever your process is, make it easy for them to complete the next step.

The next time you are making calls to sell life insurance, don’t be afraid to ask more questions. When you ask enough questions your prospects will be thrilled to get a new policy with you.

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