How to Remove Tonsil Stones – Simple Things You Can Do at Home

By | October 27, 2016

Tonsil stones can be annoying, and not only that. These small stones that cling to your tonsils are also one of the main causes of that persistent bad breath that never goes away. If you have these small stones in your throat, you may want to find solutions to remove tonsil stones and enjoy a healthy life free from bad breath and sore throat brought about by these small stones.

Of course, one of the basic things that can help you to find ways on how to remove tonsil stones is to know all about its causes. With adequate knowledge of how these stones develop in your tonsils, you will eventually understand how to get rid of them.

If you are having problems with these stones, here are some ways to remove tonsil stones out of your throat.

Of course, the best treatment to any health problems is to know how to prevent it and to make sure you are not aggravating your condition. In the case of stones in your tonsils, proper oral care and hygiene is important to avoid other stones to develop. Proper brushing and flossing should always be observed.

However, if you already have stones sticking in your tonsils, you can help yourself in getting rid of it by gargling with warm water with salt to flush out those clumps of bacteria and dirt. You can do this daily to help you get rid of this stones eventually. This can be effective especially with small stones or those that are still starting to build up.

You can also gargle with a mouthwash free from alcohol. This will help flush out especially the small stones clinging in your tonsils. Aside from these, gargling with herbs also helps remove tonsil stones and also prevent development of new ones. Gargles with fenugreek seeds are also being used to eliminate these stones in your tonsils. Other mixtures of gargle that are effective in getting rid of this stones may also include turmeric powder, pepper and salt. You can find a detailed guide on how to prepare this type of gargle that will help you banish these annoying stones in your throat.

You can also use your toothbrush to remove stones sticking in your throat. However, be very cautious with this method as this will cause you to gag. Use a mirror to help you reach those areas. If you do have bigger stones, do not squeeze them hard as it may also lead to bleeding and pain.

It helps also to stop smoking and to stay away from alcohol to avoid aggravating the condition. Carbonated drinks and caffeine should also be cut down. Proper oral care plus healthy eating plays a big role in keeping your mouth and tonsils healthy, thus you have to always keep these things in mind.

Of course, you can do something natural and safer to get rid of these accumulation of dirt in your tonsils and avoid going under the knife. When it comes to your health, it is always wise to find natural and safe solutions while you can.

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