How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend Fast

By | December 5, 2016

As women, we have tendencies to develop deep and meaningful relationships with men that are wonderful in the beginning but turn sour in the end. When this happens, you want to get over your ex boyfriend fast so that you can move on and find your true love.

When you first breakup with your ex boyfriend, it's going to hurt. So, accept the fact that it's over and prepare yourself to move on and realize that he was not the one for you. You have already spent a good amount of time and emotional energy on your ex, and at this point, he has blocked you from meeting your true love. Cry it out and if needed, vent to close friends and family that are willing to listen.

The next step is letting your ex boyfriend know exactly how you feel. Write a letter or type an email to your ex boyfriend letting him know how hurt you are about the breakup and what he did wrong or why the relationship went sour, let him know what's on your mind and exactly how you feel. Once you have poured out everything that you are feeling, destroy the letter or email. You can cut it up, burn it or flush it down the toilet. Doing this gives you a feeling of finality – it puts an end to the relationship once and for all.

As you start to feel a little better, the next step in getting over your ex boyfriend fast is to figure out exactly what went wrong. Make a mental note of these mistakes or write them down so that you will not make the same mistakes in your new relationship.

Over the next several days, avoid any contact with your ex boyfriend. No texting, emailing or calling. If you have any loose ends, such as retrieving personal property, have a friend get your belongings from your ex. If you can avoid contact for 30 days, at the end of this time period, there is a good chance that your ex boyfriend will no longer be on your mind.

During this time, reconnect with friends, take a vacation, enjoy your hobbies and work on improving areas of your life that probably have been neglected such as exercising, eating healthy, spiritual growth, and focusing on work.

Take time to become a better person because as I always say, nothing beats getting over an ex boyfriend like looking and feeling your best. As you work on becoming a better you, the memories of your ex boyfriend will surely fade away.

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