How to Draw Him Closer – Tips to Get Him Deeper in Love With You

By | October 5, 2016

There’s an undeniable connection present when a man and women are in love. They are kindred spirits and the woman, in particular, can usually tell when her man is holding back. If you feel there’s some hesitation on his part you obviously want to know how to draw him closer. Being as connected as you possibly can is the ultimate goal and that’s difficult to do if he’s pulling back or creating a bit of distance. If you want to get your man to be more open to you, it’s definitely possible. You just have to know how to touch the triggers within him that will allow the emotional flood gates to open so he feels as close to you as he possibly can.

Understanding how to draw him closer is about learning the right way to appeal to his heart. One thing that many women overlook when they are trying to forge an unbreakable emotional bond with a man is that he wants to feel better about himself when he’s with you. If a woman can pump up a man’s ego so he feels like a hero in her eyes, she’ll own his heart. You do need to be somewhat subtle about this though. Ask him to help you with things or look for his opinion on important issues in your life. Tell him how grateful you are for his wisdom and assistance. He’ll feel better about who he is as a man and that will create a strong bond between the two of you.

Trying to change a man will usually put you on the fast track to relationship disaster. Most men are put off by a woman who tells them that they aren’t dressed properly or they aren’t saying or doing the right things. If you can learn to accept him exactly the way he is, you’ll own his heart. Men don’t want to be with anyone who is judgmental or critical so learn to look past his faults and he’ll love you more for it.

Finally, not enough can be said for the value in pure honesty. Don’t try and play games with a man if you want him to love you deeply. If something is bothering you, tell him instead of letting it fester. He can’t read your mind and he’ll appreciate it if you recognize that. Also, don’t hide things from your guy. Those things, when discovered, will come between you and whatever you’ve built together will come crashing down. Be yourself, show him how much you love him and you’ll never have to question his devotion to you.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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