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Benefits of Breast Reduction (Macromastia) Surgery

Macromastia is a condition diagnosed as having excessively large breasts. Large heavy breasts can have a very disabling effect on the lives of women suffering from this condition causing chronic symptoms such as shoulder, neck and lower back pain, sores caused by excessive skin rubbing, a decrease in physical performance, shoulder bra strap grooving and… Read More »

Listerine Burns the Mouth, Why?

Nothing gives a more bad feeling than bad breath while talking. This is the reason advertisements are making gains from selling mouthwash and toothpaste that get rid of mouth bacteria. It doesn’t matter if the bacteria in the mouth is killed or not, but the fact is that everyone wants to smell good. Listerine is… Read More »

Online Tax Sales With Short Redemptions

May is the month for the Florida online tax sales, but there are a few problems with the online tax sales in Florida. The interest rate at the Florida tax sales is typically bid down to.25%, and Florida counties allow investors to have subaccounts, which give the institutional buyers a great advantage over the small… Read More »

Illnesses That Mimic Strep Throat

When you get that sore throat coming on, do you automatically think of strep throat? Is strep throat the only thing that causes a sore throat and swollen glands in the neck? The answer of course is no. There are several diseases that can mimic having strep throat and there are subtle ways of knowing… Read More »

Do You Need Collision Coverage?

When it comes to auto insurance, there are a number of different coverages you can get to cover various types of damage and liability issues for both you and other drivers. Collision is a type of insurance coverage that will pay for damage to your car that’s caused by a crash, whether or not you… Read More »

Ancient Mars Warmed By Bursts Of Methane

We are a curious species–seduced by the unknown, and fascinated by strange journeys of exploration into the most secretive and shadowy corners of the Universe. Mysteries sing the song of the sirens to us, seducing us and enchanting us with whatever wonders there may be lurking just beyond the horizon of our knowledge. The possibility… Read More »

10 Tips To Optimize Your Insurance Agent LinkedIn Profile

Social media marketing is moving front and center when it comes to insurance agency web marketing strategies, which may encompass other terms such as insurance agency search engine marketing or insurance agency search marketing optimization. Agents and producers, owners and executives should be cognizant of this new frontier, perhaps changing the famous saying of “Go… Read More »