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Taking Bold Financial Risks

‘There is a way that seemed right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction’ The above saying can be said to be true in some instances, but from the moment when I discovered the true meaning of wealth, I have never met a wealthy man who came into his fortune without having to… Read More »

Syncis: How Money Works

Financial freedom is a topic widely talked about and it never gets old as long as you have dissatisfaction with your income. Recently, I sat down with a colleague of mine to review what I thought were some of the most basic concepts of how money works but is what I believe kept secret to… Read More »

Accounting Conventions and Accounting Concepts

(1) Relevance The convention of relevance emphasizes the fact that only such information should be made available by accounting as is relevant and useful for achieving its objectives. For example, business is interested in knowing as to what has been total labor cost? It is not interested in knowing how much employees spend and what… Read More »

Wheel Chair Lifts in History

Wheel chair lifts have been one of the most significant advances in disabled mobility since the wheel chair itself was invented. They play a supporting role. Certain kinds extend the range handicapped people can move about directly, by transporting them across the stairs that would otherwise hinder them.  Wheel chair lifts are designed to lift a person… Read More »

Drainage System And Its Importance

Drainage is the disposal of excess water on land (either used or in form of storm water). It must be distinguished from flood control which is the prevention of damage as a result of overflow from river. There are two type of system adopted for waste water collection. Separate sanitary and combined system. In separate… Read More »

How to Clean Your Tongue At Home

Most people dutifully brush their teeth when they wake up and again before they go to bed, but far fewer take the time to brush their tongue. That’s a shame since tongues need cleaning too. The surface of your tongue is covered with tiny bumps called papillae. These papillae house the taste buds that allow… Read More »

Important House Design Planning Considerations

If you have purchased a section of land and enlisted the services of a custom home designer to design your blueprints it is very important that you spend time considering the following house design points before any construction begins. Ensure that your sections boundary pegs match up with your blueprint plans or have a surveyor… Read More »

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

What Are Silverfish? If you’ve ever seen a skittering silver insect running across your tub and diving into the drain after you’ve turned on the bathroom light, you’ve seen a silverfish. But what are silverfish? And everyone who has had to deal with them has wanted to know how to get rid of silverfish. To… Read More »